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Quickly allow notes within your LANSA Applications

Associated Notes This new feature will allow LANSA Developers to associate Notes with items in a list. It provides additional capabilities for editing and storing notes.  The association logic between one or more notes and an item in a list has also been provided as...

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Quickly embed Charts into your LANSA Applications

A new Chart view has been added to the list of application helpers and coding assistants that provides the ability to include various chart types as part of your application and link it to server-side data.The charts leverage the free Google Chart API library to...

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Enhance your LANSA Applications with About Us page

The About Us page is commonly used by all types of businesses to give customers more insight into who is involved with a given business and exactly what it does. The primary purpose of an About Us page is to inform the reader about the company and its operations. The...

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Adding Google Sign-in to Your Web Application

This article explains how to incorporate Google Sign-in into your web application. Google Sign-in enables your users to sign-in to your website using their existing Google accounts, the same ones they have been using with Gmail, Google Play, and many other Google...

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Enhance your LANSA Applications with ReCaptcha

ReCaptcha is a great way to prevent your website being spammed or abused. The Contact Us and LANSA Tools sample applications have been enhanced to use ReCaptcha (I am NOT a Robot) verification to stop these sample web application from being spammed or abused. The...

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