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Understanding OAuth2

Understanding OAuth2 as an Authentication Mechanism Most web applications these days allow their end-users to login using credentials that they already have with some well-known social networking service, such as Google or Facebook. This way, there is no need to...

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Sending SMS Using Twilio

This guide illustrates how to incorporate SMS functionality into your web application. We'll use Twilio as the SMS provider. Pre-requisites You'd need to install the Integration Library package using the LANSA Package Manager. See this usage guide for how to use the...

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Using LANSA Integration Library Packages

The Integration Library is a LANSA package that you can use in your web application to integrate external services (offered by various providers) in your applications, such as Google/Microsoft sign-on, sending email, SMS, geocoding, and many others. You can install...

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Using Google Geocoding API

What's geocoding API, and when would I use it? Geocoding is the process of converting a textual address to a geographic coordinate (latitude and longitude). Once an address is converted into a coordinate, you can do various operations to it, such as finding its...

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What’s New in EPC 141070

EPC 141070 for SP1 contains a couple of new features and bug fixes for LANSA RDMLX Extended Library. New Features XPRIM_Binary to Represent Binary Data Use XPRIM_Binary to represent binary data (such as a byte array or a file), and use the built-in methods...

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