Associate Attachments within your own applications

This new feature will allow LANSA Developers to associate Attachments by allowing them to drag/drop or pick a file from the end-users file system. It has additional capabilities of storing and consolidating attachments in one simple Attachments table. The association logic between the attachment and the item in a list to link them together has also been provided as part of this application helper / coding assistant. LANSA Developers can simply opt-in to this feature by checking the checkbox shown below.

When the LANSA Developer opts-in to this feature, an attachment icon will be added to the generated list. The icon is grayed out when there are no associated attachments.

Selecting the attachment icon will open an attachment dialog showing a list of associated attachments that already exist and a drag and drop area on the desktop browser and an icon to launch the file picker on all browsers. Attachment list of Files can also be sorted, downloaded and/or deleted from this dialog – you can also refresh the attachments list using the refresh icon shown below on the top right.