Associated Notes

This new feature will allow LANSA Developers to associate Notes with items in a list. It provides additional capabilities for editing and storing notes.  The association logic between one or more notes and an item in a list has also been provided as part of this application helper / coding assistant. LANSA Developers can simply opt-in to this feature by checking the checkbox shown below. Rich text editing of Notes is made possible with the implementation of Open Source Quills Library wrapped as a Visual LANSA widget. 

When turned on, a Notes icon will be added to the generated list. The icon is grayed out when there are no associated notes.

Selecting the notes icon will open a list of all notes associated with this item.

You also have the ability to create a new note or select an existing note with an associated subject line. Rich text editor capability provided by the Open Source Quills Library is also provided as part of the dialog as shown below along-side the created/updated date and author details.