The Integration Library is a LANSA package that you can use in your web application to integrate external services (offered by various providers) in your applications, such as Google/Microsoft sign-on, sending email, SMS, geocoding, and many others.
You can install the Integration Library package using the LANSA Package Manager.

Installing the Integration Library

Open the LANSA Package Manager from your Visual LANSA IDE. See this guide for more details. Find the Integration Library package and install.

Configuring the Integration Library

Most of the components in the Integration Library package need to be configured before they can be used. These components make use of services provided by a third party, either for free or for a fee. Either way, they would need to be able to identify you as a user of the service. Most providers would grant you a unique string, called API Key, that can be used to uniquely identify you, as a user of the service. So the first step before you can use a component in the Integration Library is to login to the service provider’s website (for example, Google API Console), and obtain an API key. If it’s a paid service, you’d generally need to also register a payment method (generally a credit card).
Once you have your API key, you’d need to tell the Integration Library that you want to use the API key. You can do that easily using the Integration Library Configuration Tool, which can be launched from the Tools tab in the LANSA Package Manager (Installed Packages section).

The tool will launch and present you with a menu of services to configure.