The LANSA Package Manager lets you install LANSA packages on your Visual LANSA development environment. LANSA packages are reusable code that LANSA makes available for you to use in your own applications.

How to Open the Package Manager from Visual LANSA IDE

From your Visual LANSA IDE, go to the Tools tab

Installing a Package

Go to the the Browse Online section, and choose the package you’d like to install. Check that you are installing to the right partition (the current partition is displayed at the bottom-right corner). Click on the Install button.

Running samples and tools that come with the package

After installing a package, you can run the samples (and often tools) included in the package. Go to the Installed Packages section, then the Samples tab. Click on one of the package (for example, Integration Library) to expand the sample list. Pick a sample and click to run.

Some packages also come with some supporting tools. For example, the Integration Library package comes with a configuration tool that let you easily configure the API keys to use, and the LANSA Mobile package comes with the Schema Editor tool that allows you to edit your SQLite database schema.