Visual LANSA in 100 Words

Here's what you need to know.

Get all the speed, control, and functionality you need, in a single platform, with none of the traditional Low-code limitations or sacrifices.

Full-stack Application Development and Deployment Platform out-of-the-box

Visual LANSA Developer Center at with easy access to all Developer Resources including samples, examples, forums, documentation and support

Integrated “Business Rules Engine” simplifies business processes and reduces maintenance

Rules Engine to centralize the validation and visualisation of business data that maximizes reuse and minimizes maintenance

FREE Trial with Cloud Deployment

Out-of-the-box DevOps and version control facilities including integration with Git and GitHub

Build Enterprise grade applications quickly & easily

Gallery of Sample Applications that can be tailored to meet your specific business needs

Deliver Mobile, Web and Desktop applications

Built-in Google Material Design controls to make it even easier for inexperienced UI designers to build great looking, easy-to-use applications

Integration and Business Process Automation made easy

Out-of-the-box capability to easily create Microservices with security, agility, scalability for today’s API-centric world

Full IDE for Rapid Application Development

All-encompassing single-view Development Environment within which you can create every aspect of the apps you are building – both client-side and server-side for mobile, web and desktop

Powerful Application Framework with Rapid Prototyping

Business Application Framework with intuitive rapid prototyping to create line-of-business web and desktop applications