We are very excited to share that Visual LANSA update release EPC142060 was released today focused on providing developers with Prebuilt Connectors, Application Helpers and Coding Assistants to deliver common application use case scenarios out-of-the-box. This gives LANSA developers maximum flexibility and productivity with the ability to customize and solve common problems in minutes. The ability to integrate with a range of external services gives LANSA developers a powerful plug-and-play library of services that can be used to enhance and extend their own applications.

The LANSA Developer Center website located at https://developer.lansa.com has been updated with 27 Blog articles that discuss each of the updated features and capabilities in more detail. Here is the summary links to each of the associated Blog Articles:

Getting started with LANSA Package Manager

  1. Using LANSA Package Manager
  2. Using LANSA Integration Library Packages
  3. Integration Library – Configuring Google API Key
  4. Adding Microsoft Sign-in to Your Web Application
  5. Using Google reCAPTCHA in Visual LANSA Web Applications
  6. Using Amazon S3 from Client-side (Browser) RDML Code
  7. Using Google Geocoding API
  8. Understanding OAuth2
  9. Sending SMS Using Twilio
  10. Implementing 2 Factor Authentication within your LANSA Applications
  11. Adding Google Sign-in to Your Web Application

Web Application SCRUD Generation Enhancements

  1. Quickly embed About page into your LANSA Applications
  2. Quickly embed Contact Us form into your LANSA Applications
  3. Quickly embed Quick Links into your LANSA Applications
  4. Quickly embed external webpage content into your LANSA Applications
  5. Quickly allow attachments within your LANSA Applications
  6. Quickly allow notes within your LANSA Applications
  7. Quickly embed Charts into your LANSA Applications
  8. Quickly embed Google Maps with one or more Location Pins into your LANSA Applications

Sample Application Enhancements

  1. Enhance your LANSA Applications with User Management Support
  2. Enhance your LANSA Applications with Password Reset functionality
  3. Enhance your LANSA Applications with FAQ
  4. Enhance your LANSA Applications with Image Carousel
  5. Enhance your LANSA Applications with Google Maps Geo-Encode and Geo-Decode
  6. Enhance your LANSA Applications with About Us page
  7. Enhance your LANSA Applications with Contact Us Form
  8. Enhance your LANSA Applications with ReCaptcha

Key Features & Highlights

LANSA Package Manager
LANSA Package Manager (LPM) has been introduced to Visual LANSA to manage the download and installation of LANSA packages from the Developer Center that contain common RDML samples and examples to jump-start a developer when building applications. Using LPM, developers can access the latest Integration Library to various external services and Mobile components within their own applications. It also allows LANSA to update these components with new features, functionality, samples, documentation to keep up with the latest suite of services.

Summary of Prebuilt connectors

  • Amazon Simple Storage Services – Browser Direct Upload & Download
  • Google Geocoding API
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Google Translate API
  • Login Form with 2-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on using Google, Microsoft, and Facebook
  • OpenWeatherMap API
  • Sending Email using SendGrid API
  • Sending SMS Using Twilio

SCRUD Generator Enhancements
Visual LANSA ships with Web Application SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update and Delete) templates and generator to give LANSA developers a jump-start when building modern responsive web applications. The SCRUD generator has been enhanced to provide the following out-of-the-box capabilities and functionality:

  • Associate multiple Attachments & Notes with any SCRUD application
  • Contact Us Form to show an organization contact details, map, and directions
  • Charts to allow you to leverage Google Charts and wire it up to server-side data
  • Embedded Webpage to allow you to embed any external web content
  • Map to provide the ability to pin one or more locations on a Map with tooltip helpers
  • Quick Links to provide the ability to quickly create a set of links to external resources
  • About to provide the ability to show copyright and details about your application

Sample Application Enhancements
The sample applications shipped with Visual LANSA have been enhanced to showcase the following features and functionality:

  • Local User Management to provide the ability to register, login and maintain user profiles
  • Password Reset using SendGrid to provide the ability to reset your password using an email
  • Contact Us Form in all sample applications to showcase contact us form with email, phone call, and SMS capabilities
  • About Page in all sample applications to showcase typical use case
  • Google Maps Geo-Encode and Geo-Decode to show the ability to work with Map coordinates and display the pin location on Google Maps
  • ReCaptcha to verify (I am NOT a Robot) and stop sample apps from being spammed
  • Image Carousel to showcase  multiple images being displayed with navigation
  • FAQ to show set of frequently asked questions and answers

Download & Support Link
Customers and Partners can download and Install Visual LANSA EPC142060 from our global Support website located at https://www.lansa.com/support/notes/epc/

Press Release Link
Click here to view the Press Release associated with this release